Illustrative Portfolio


Waves of Change tells the story of migration from our plastic saturated seas, to discover part of the ocean as yet untouched by man.
After discovering my passion for telling marine stories during my under-graduate degree, I had to continue my hard-hitting research. I began with the awful stories of the Beluga Whale grave sites in Spitsbergen in the Nordic Isles; this was one of the largest operating whaling stations from the 17th century, continuing well into the 20th, the largest scale of slaughtering took place on this beach, where thousands of Beluga bones are now piled up. This book covers combined real life stories of creatures battling the consequences of humans destroying their environments every single, the creatures travel together to find a clean part of the ocean - which is untouched by humans.

Page from Waves of Change, illustrated by Nina Paloma.

Whaleshark spread, illustrated by Nina Paloma

Cover of Waves of Change



A cover designed and made for a submission during my final semester while studying for my MA. I kept in mind the handmade elements, community and resilience theme while creating this cover.  
Wigtown book festival concept


A live project which evolved from a previous project My Time in Scotland - this is group of illustrations of locations I'd rather be, instead of lockdown in Kent...


A new collection of graphic stories has been created from collaborations between 150 talented young artists and 18 professional illustrators from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the UK.
Through this ambitious international exchange, facilitated by Pop Up Projects, professional illustrators mentored small groups of talented, aspiring young artists (age 16 to 26) at 17 educational institutes and a summer school across the four nations. Through this grand adventure we aimed to seek out hidden talent, nurture emerging artists through rich and immersive artist-led processes, guide them through development of original illustrated stories, shine a spotlight on these stories by taking them to print, and signpost routes into children’s publishing.
Through the mentors, our four publisher partners (Nobrow in UK, Päike Ja Pilv in Estonia, kuš! In Latvia, Vilnius Academy of Arts Press in Lithuania) set participants an especially tough challenge: to transform both sides of an unusually long blank piece of paper (a ‘leporello’, or concertina frieze) into a graphic story in any style, using (or not using) any language, and with no unifying theme or aesthetic.
Artwork from the project was displayed in an exhibition with ROSL ARTS at the Royal Over-Seas League in Mayfair, London, which was co-curated by Pop Up Projects and House of Illustration.
The project coincided with The London Book Fair 2018 Baltic Countries Market Focus, and was funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England’s Ambition for Excellence Programme, Lithuanian Council for Culture, Latvia’s International Writers and Translators House and the Ministry of Culture of Estonia, and supported by a number of other partners in each country.